Altamonte Gold's Gym

-Day five of my "free week" pass

Woke up at 6:15 thinking I was going to go to a conditioning class at Naja Muay Thai. As it turns out, I ended up diddling around on the internet too long and by the time I showed up, the instructor was walking out to his truck. I didn't have the heart make him stick around for an hour after he thought he was going to go home, so I decided to put the Monster Java drink that was now surging through my bloodstream to use, and headed to the Altamonte Springs Golds Gym.

The group X room was empty, so I used my round timer and busted out a nice 5 round circuit. It consisted of of 3 minutes "on" (kicking a wavemaster, pushing said wavemaster across the floor, sit-ups, cable rows, scooting said wavemaster back across the floor, and stability ball mountain climbers/push-ups/leg curls), and 60s "off" (jump rope).

After that, I went over to their neglected heavy bag, wrapped my hands, stuffed them into my fragrant Everlast lobster claws and did five rounds. 2 minutes of bag work was followed by 60s worth of "breakfast hops". In case you are wondering, a breakfast hop (according to Brandon Kern of Naja Muay Thai) is a standing broad jump immediately followed by 5 push-ups and 2 knees. As you can imagine, this gassed me out pretty well, and my bag work became increasingly difficult. Got through it though, and felt like I earned my post-workout calorie payload.
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