The Magic Bullet: The single most important kitchen appliance ever

I had just completed a grueling workout at the Blanchard Park YMCA (see below) and was enjoying a delicious post-workout protein shake when I realized something. The Magic Bullet (the blender, not the other kind of magic bullet) is great. I could even say that I am beginning to love it more than I loved my previous favorite “As Seen on TV” kitchen item, the Spin ‘N Save storage system.

As such, I felt it only appropriate to make a list of why I think it is so awesome. Hopefully, this will help elevate the Magic Bullet to the ranks of the all time greats, right up there with George Foreman’s grill.

Tony's Top Magic Bullet Points

1. You can drink right out of the blender. With “The Bullet”, you don’t need a cup. It IS the blender AND the cup.

2. It comes with multiple cup options. Do you want to blend a little? A lot? Did you need a handle for that beverage? The Bullet has got you covered.

3. There is only one blending speed. Would you ask Chuck Norris to serve tea? Heck no. Neither would you ask The Bullet to “whip” or “fluff” or whatever fancy pants blenders claim to do. This baby’s got power out the wazoo and isn’t afraid to use it; every time.

4. It’s stylish. Its sleek lines and unobtrusive size makes it counter-top friendly. You can even customize your cup with different colored rims that are as functional as they are fashionable

5. Clean-up is a breeze. Rinse it, dry it, done.

6. You invert it when you blend. Put the heavier ingredients in first (ice, chunks of fruit, etc.) screw on the blades and turn the whole thing upside down to blend. No more will you have to resort to prayers, invocations, fisticuffs, and forks to get a homogenous product.

7. It saves money ($$$). A smoothie or a shake from your local frozen drink purveyor can easily run anywhere you $4.99. And that’s NOT including the cost of protein powder and other “mix-ins”. After running some calculations, I discovered that a “Bulleted” protein shake (see yesterday’s blog for recipe) costs less than $1.50.

8. It's magic.

Workout of the Day (W.o.t.D)

Warm-up: 15 minutes elliptical machine

Circuit 1: perform one round with light weight to warm-up and then go to your maximum weight (w/ proper form) for the rep range given for an additional 3 rounds with no rest.

A. Hang-cleans x 8

B. Barbell Squats x 10

C. Stability Ball Push-up to Knee Tucks x 12 (With your hands on the ground, place the balls of your feet on a stability ball keeping your body straight and core engaged. Do a push-up then pull your legs in while lifting your hips. You should feel a strong contraction in your abs before extending back out.)

Sprint for .5 miles

Circuit 2: Complete 3 rounds with no rest. Exercises were done at playground, but can be modified to fit other environments

A. Monkey bar traverse x approx. 12 rungs

B. Push-up off slide (Place hands on sides and bring elbows in and down to focus on triceps) x 20

C. Pull-ups (Close grip, palms facing out) x 10

D. Reactive step-ups (Place one foot on the seat of a bench and launch yourself up. While mid-air, bring your other foot forward so that you land and lower yourself on the opposite leg that you pushed off of. Repeat the process for the next repetition) x 5 each leg

Jog for .5 miles

Hydrate and then have a post workout meal within 30-60 minutes.

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  1. Who needs Tropical Smoothie when u have the Magic Bullet? Ground up flax seed or oat bran works well too if you don't have cereal.