Protein powder...check, workout...check

Today is the kind of day all fitness freaks fear. The day when the jug of protein powder runs dry. To those "in the know", protein powder is like mana from heaven. Forget corn, whey is the stuff of life. Without it, workouts are not maximized, nitrogen falls perilously out balance, and grains are eaten simply with milk (well, almond milk, but you get the point).

The particular brand of protein powder is also of great significance. Like that favorite t-shirt or pair of shoes, a beloved protein powder gives comfort and joy to its favorite person. My personal pick is Jarrow's Vanilla (or Chocolate if Vanilla is out). Besides it's natural ingredients, I find that it mixes well, tastes great, and is favorably priced. I can also purchase it at my neighborhood Whole Foods, so, when that oversized scooper scraped the bottom of the barrel, I immediately made plans to re-up.

Pulling into the Whole Foods parking lot I noticed a bevy of signs for a new Anytime Fitness that recently opened up in the same strip mall. Always on the prowl for new material, I went in and spoke to Kevin, an affable Personal Trainer who obviously loved his job. After telling him about Examiner, he invited me to come back later that day to workout and take some pictures.

I left Anytime and headed to Whole Foods, where, after making the free sample rounds (I recommend the organic gummy bears), I grabbed the last jug of Jarrow protein powder on the shelf. Thankful that I didn't have to resort to purchasing sub par protein with spray tanned muscle men on the label I made my way to the checkout counter and gladly ponied up $26.

The fitness gods must have been smiling upon me today.

Pre-workout Protein Shake

Fill a glass 1/2 way with ice. Add about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/2 banana, and 1/4 cup of your favorite whole grain cereal. Pour in almond milk until it fills the glass 3/4 of the way. Top with a heaping scoop of Jarrow Chocolate whey protein and toss in a blender. Blend until smooth. Experience exercise nirvana.
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  1. Been using the Yarrow - like it a lot; mixes well with just water for a quick pick-up to regulate blood sugar. What do you know about rice protein? Been reading about some detox diets that recommend that.