"Stumbling" on inspiration

Like a broken record, I'd tell myself "next time will be different", but then next time would come and there would be a new "next time". I wasn't happy, but I didn't know any way to get out of my rut. That is, until I discovered a way out. It was like a little button that, like magic, injected life into my wandering ways.

I'll cut to the chase, I'm talking about StumbleUpon, and it's awesome. If you are anything like me, you turn on your computer, check your email, log on to facebook (update your status with some clever, banal, or depressing statement) and visit the same boring sites hoping against hope that you will see something worthwhile.

StumbleUpon changes all of that by offering internet content based on your preferences (think Pandora for web surfing). The sites get better and better as you refine the "stumble" by simply clicking "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on the toolbar.

You might be thinking, "Tony, what the hell are you talking about and what does this have to do with exercise?" Well, today I "stumbled" upon a great site called World's Toughest Workouts. Aside from the obvious tough workouts, there are articles, training videos, discussions, and other resources for masochistic exercise freaks.

Inspired by their workout plans, I put together a brutal routine using only a 8ft x 8ft slab of concrete, a concrete block, and my own body. After completing the workout, I thought I'd share the love. Try it and tell me what you think. Try "Stumbling" too while you're at it.

Strong Like Concrete

Perform each exercise with good form and DO NOT rest between sets. The block swings and side-lunges should provide ample opportunity to recover between sets of burpees. If you need to take them slow, do so, but do not stop moving until you've finished everything.

20 Burpees (do a squat thrust followed by a push-up then immediately do a tuck jump)
20 Block swings (split between right and left arms, like a kettlebell swing)
20 Side lunges (alternating between right and left legs)

18 Burpees
18 Block swings
18 Side lunges

16 Burpees
16 Block swings
16 Side Lunges

14 Burpees
14 Block swings
14 Side lunges

12 Burpees
12 Block swings
12 Side Lunges

10 Burpees
10 Block swings
10 Side lunges

8 Burpees
8 Block swings
8 Side Lunges

6 Burpees
6 Block swings
6 Side lunges

4 Burpees
4 Block swings
4 Side Lunges

2 Burpees
2 Block swings
2 Side lunges
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Tony is the host of the Paleo Magazine Radio podcast, author of "Paleo Grilling: A Modern Caveman's Guide to Cooking with Fire", and Cofounder of Powerful PT, an innovative information resource for Fitness Professionals. He has appeared on numerous local and national television and radio broadcasts and regularly hosts healthy cooking workshops and informational lectures. He is also a full-time Personal Trainer and Wellness Consultant who lives in Jacksonville Florida with his wife Jamie.
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  1. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I -
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    Excerpt from "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost:)

  2. PS Poetry excerpt meant for Serendipity, but hey, it worked w/Stumble Upon, too:)