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So the class was called "Yin Yoga" and what it basically entailed was holding yoga postures for five solid minutes. Have you ever held any stretch for five minutes? If so, try splitting your legs apart, twist your whole body, grab one foot, and look the other way. Yes I'm being dramatic, but no, I am not exaggerating.

After an hour and a half of contortions that would impress the cast of "La Nouba", I was feeling loose as a goose. My lower back, which had been troubling me, was being quiet. Also, I took away a valuable nugget of awareness.

Between each of the poses, the instructor would have us lie flat on our backs or our stomachs. The idea was to completely relax the body and allow the previous stretch to be assimilated. During one of these intervals, he mentioned to us that our backs may feel "vulnerable" after being stretched and rather than fighting that sense of vulnerability, allow it to be.

This was an interesting proposition that, after being put into practice, made me feel a little bit like crying. Letting go of the need to always be physically tense and defensive allowed me to bring down my emotional walls. In that moment, the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and emotions was a real and tangible thing. It is likely that this is reason why Yoga has been brought into places such as prisons and schools (they are quite similar if you think about it).

My own personal practice has been sporadic at best, but this experience renewed by enthusiasm for continued exploration.
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