Rain or shine

A delicate spatter of rain pelted the windshield. Continuing to head towards the park seemed a lost cause, but with bikes strapped to the back of the car and already quite a ways from home, a reversal of course was to admit defeat.

As we rolled into the parking lot it seemed as thought the rain sensed our weakness and responded by increasing its intensity. A brief moment of indecision preceded a swift exit from the vehicle and an even swifter removal of the bikes from their rack. Our minds were made up, rain or shine, we would ride.

After spending a sedentary morning, my body greeted movement with relief. The rains absorbed into my shirt plastering it to my back and shoulders. Childhood memories of playing in the raid welled up like the waters in the storm drain alongside the trail. What’s wrong with getting a little wet after all?

Surrender to nature’s will preceded a surprise. Sunbeams began to pierce the clouds in patches and the rains gradually diminished. Water that had puddled on the ground began making its way back to the upper atmosphere in rivulets of steam.

Refreshed, the grass and trees beamed a vibrant green and fattened waterways sped towards the ocean with increased urgency. Zipping along the trail, we welcomed the cool breeze that now danced around our damp bodies.

The day, which had started grey and foreboding, unfurled brilliantly. We spent the remainder of our ride in the company of cheerful birds; ibises, finches, and sparrows. Lazy turtles drifted across the water and trees creaked as they swayed in the wind.

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