2010 Fitness Trends

With the reverie of New Year's behind us, and the indulgence of the holidays on our behinds, it is time to look to the future in the hope that our fitness goals will yet be achieved. Catering to that hope is an endless array of gadgets, gizmos, and gimmicks that promise health and happiness, for a price. You might be stuck wondering what’s worth it and what’s worthless, but have no fear, your resident fitness fanatic is here!

Wired Workouts
While personal music players have helped pavement pounders since the days of the Walkman, the Nike + iPod system revolutionizes this concept. Pair your iPod (or iPhone) with your Nike + shoes and you’ll be setting goals, tracking your workouts, and even getting a motivational boost from your personal “power song”. Like other popular Apple products, imitators are bound to follow, giving consumers even more choices when it comes to wiring their workouts.

Another trend that has roots reaching all the way back to the 1980’s (remember the Powerpad?) is exergaming. Nintendo’s Wii system, which utilizes a motion sensing balance board and “nunchuk”, has spawned a whole slew of fitness games which can help even the most ambivalent exercisers have a good time while getting sweaty (and looking silly). Microsoft’s mysteriously titled Project Natal and Sony’s Eyetoy2 are also on the horizon and both promise even more ways to turn your living room into a yoga studio, ski slope, boxing ring…

Hard-core workouts (at home)
While benches, balls, and electrical stimulation pads that promise great abs with literally no effort sound nice, the truth is, they don’t work. Thankfully, it seems like people have finally realized this and embraced at-home workout programs that actually require you to work for your results. Leading the way is Beachbody’s P90X system that has now become the top selling infomercial…ever. Hot on Tony Horton’s toned heels, however is the Insanity program that promises even “insaner” results in 1/3rd the time, but be cautious because even the best workout DVD can’t tell you when your form sucks.

Slimming sneakers
These shoes which use the science of “unstable surfaces” and “muscular activation” to promise slimmer hips, buns, and thighs remind me of the old glory days of unregulated nutritional supplements. The basic idea is to take a little snippet of fact and wrap it with a whole lot of marketing spin. Sketchers Shape-ups, Reebok EasyTones, Fit-flop sandals and more represent a trend that needs to end.

Frugal Fitness
There’s nothing like a global financial collapse to get people to reevaluate whether $3.00 cappuccinos, doggie jewelry, and, alas, personal trainers are necessities or luxuries. Thankfully, for you (and for personal trainers) group exercise programs like Zumba, Boot Camp, and MMA classes provide top notch workouts for bargain prices. As a side bonus, working out with others may even pump up your motivation by adding an element of healthy competition and socialization to your exercise program.
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