Getting Back on Track

Crouched low you take a deep breath. A moment later you are rocketing forward, the world around you a blur. Arms swinging powerfully, feet barely touching the ground, you push yourself to go faster, faster, faster, until, as suddenly as you started, you stagger to a stop.

If you want to burn fat, tone muscle, and boost endurance, you need to sprint. Gone are the days of the low intensity “fat burning zone”. Scientific studies show that high-intensity intervals actually produce greater results in less time than long slow slogs on the treadmill or elliptical machine.

What you need:

Running shoes, water bottle, stopwatch, towel, and 30-45 minutes of free time.


2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days.


800 yard (2 laps) at a light jog (40-50% max speed) x 1 repetition

“Back on Track” Workout:

400 yard runs at 50-75% max speed x 4 repetitions with 60 seconds rest in between.

100 yard sprints at 75-85% max speed x 6 repetitions with 60 seconds rest in between

50 yard dashes at 85-100% max speed x 8 repetitions with 60 seconds rest in between


Be sure to work at maintaining your pace for each repetition. If you don’t have a stopwatch, briskly walking the 100 yard straightaway portion of the track takes approximately 60 seconds. If you need to take a water break, grab a few quick sips during the rest periods.

BUT is Sprinting Safe?

If done correctly, sprinting is a safe and effective form of exercise. However, before starting any exercise program you should consult with your physician to determine if you have any contraindications to exercise. Since sprinting is inherently a high-intensity activity, it is important to have a basic level of fitness, a good pair of shoes, and awareness of proper technique. Always listen to your body and seek medical attention if you feel unusual pain or weakness.


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