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Beneath a ruthless July sun, a crowd 40,000 devoted fans gather at the corner of Surf and Stillwell to witness an event with roots stretching back almost 100 years. All eyes are trained on a group of elite competitors who come from across the globe to brave a challenge of gastronomic proportions.

Ten minutes later, defending champion, Joey Chestnut, will have retained the “Mustard Belt” by consuming a total of 54 hot dogs and buns. Weighing in at around 300 calories each, he would have to do sit-ups for 36 hours straight, run 97.5 miles, or play 18.5 games of full-court basketball to burn off the massive 16,686 calorie payload.

Chances are, you won’t be challenging Joey any time soon, but, if you want to know what it takes to burn off some of your favorite foods, keep reading.


Panera’s has quick service, a chill atmosphere, and free WiFi, but, after eating a simple Cinnamon Crunch Bagel, packing a 420 calorie punch (without cream cheese), you would need to go 10 rounds (3 minutes each) in the boxing ring to burn off breakfast.


With fresh ingredients and plentiful portions what’s not to love about Chipotle? Well, a chicken burrito alone (no chips, drink, or queso) loves you back with a total of 1025 calories. To make this Chipotle go away you will need do the Salsa, Rumba, or Cha-Cha for two hours and forty minutes.


Swinging by the convenience store for an “X-treme” pick me up? Grab a Monster energy drink, a regular size Snickers bar, and your skateboard so you can burn off the 471 calories you just scarfed by cruising the streets for 80 minutes.


Do the “right” thing and skip the steak and go for a salad right? Maybe not. An Applebee’s Walnut Chicken Salad serves up 1000 calories that would take 2 hours of Bikram Yoga to burn off. (BTW, the 9oz house sirloin is only has only 310 calories.)

At the Bar

Bud light definitely has “Drinkability”, so much so that you might find a six-pack gone before you know it. Then, to get your six-pack back, you would need to burn off the 660 calories you just drank by playing Billiards for just a scratch less than 4 hours.

Late Night

Picking up a Papa John’s Pizza on the way home? After eating two large slices topped with pepperoni and cheese you might want to find a partner to help you burn off the 660 calories by going at it for 5 hours of non-stop studying.

Size Matters
All the calorie burn information I used for this article assumes that you weigh 150 lbs. Weighing more generally means that you’ll burn more calories during any particular activity. The inverse is also true if you weigh less. This is one reason why it gets harder to lose weight as you lose weight!


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