100 Push-ups (and 50 Pull-ups): Week 6

It seemed like things "got real" in week 3 (100 Push-ups (and 50 Pull-ups): Week 3), but then I hit week 5 and somehow it all got... realer.

Even though I squeaked though the reps, I definitely used a creative interpretation of the phrase "60s rest between sets" and my form still left something to be desired. It really fell apart somewhere around Wednesdays (see workout 2 below) when the max set exceeded 50 reps for the first time.

Although my pride hates the fact that I'm about do do this, I'm repeating this week 5 again for week 6. By sucking it up and taking a little bit more time, I hope that I'll set myself up for success when it comes time to go for the big 'hundred.

The good news is, my pecs have never looked better, so I may not need those pectoral implants after all! (Think I'm actually serious? Really? Fine, click here for the reference.)

I'm still cruising through the Fifty Pull-up workouts although they are getting a little more challenging. To this point, the rep ranges are still very doable (or is that "do able", "do-able",...?) but I'm assuming that this is still the calm before the storm.

Week 5 Workouts:

Push-up Workout 1 (in reps): 40, 50, 25, 25, max set (minimum of 50). 60s rest between sets.

Push-up Workout 2: 20, 20, 23, 23, 20, 20, 18, 18, max set (minimum of 53). 45s rest between sets.

Push-up Workout 3: 22, 22, 30, 30, 25, 25, 18, 18, max set (minimum 55). 45s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 1: 10, 10, 9, 9, 8. 90s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 2: 10, 10, 9, 9, 9. 90s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 3: 10, 9, 10, 9, 9. 90s rest between sets.

In case you missed it:

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