Kombucha recall over! GT's is back at Whole Foods

Kombucha tea, a product made by fermenting regular green or black tea with a special probiotic culture (technically and affectionately called a SCOBY), has under scrutiny ever since everybody's favorite actress (?) Lindsay Lohan possibly tripped her alcohol detecting scram bracelet after drinking too much. Although this was not the reason cited, Whole Foods quickly decided to issue a voluntarily recall on all kombucha products, thus beginning the great kombucha drought of 2010.

Thankfully, kombucha lovers can now rejoice (and celebrate with, you guessed it, a kombucha) as Whole Foods has finally brought the products back. The premier kombucha tea, GT Dave's, has quite a cult following, and the ups and downs of the voluntary recall have been documented on GT Dave's facebook page.

Several kombucha producers agreed to reformulate in order to get back on shelves faster, but GT Dave refused and decided to hold out until laboratory tests could prove that his fermented tea met the legal requirements for a non-alcoholic beverage. As he humbly states on his website, "Some call it a tea, some call it an elixir, but no matter what you call it, Kombucha is a miracle, and it’s been used around the world for centuries to help restore balance and vitality."

Well maybe GT Dave is a little nutty, but he makes the best tasting kombucha around, and that's something that I can raise my glass of fermented tea to.
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