Poisoned Halloween candy? Not Likely. Pot-laced treats? Maybe. Corporate tricks? Probably.

For decades, parents have working themselves into a frenzy each Halloween due to fears that poisoned candy threatens the health of their children.  I specifically remember that the owners of certain dimly lit and otherwise sketchy-looking houses were baselessly suspected of such egregious acts by us kids.  Parents added to the paranoia by telling us to throw away anything that wasn't sealed away in a wrapper (apples and those little boxes of raisins were a particular threat) for fear that we would end up with shards of razorblades embedded in our esophagus.

Well, parents, it's time to chillax since there have been literally 0 documented cases of poisoned Halloween candy.  Suspected cases were eventually tied back to a psycho dad who laced his son's pixie sticks with cyanide and a junkie uncle who's psycho family tried to cover up the fact that he left his stash out.

Then again, don't get too chillaxed, especially if you live in California.  According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Office, confections meant for perscription-weilding adults may be making their way into the candy supply.  Even so, this warning is probably nothing more than speculation and I would be willing to bet that the number of kids drinking alcohol on Halloween far exceeds the number who may be haplessly (or happily) chowing down on Canni-bars (warning- as far as I am aware, there is no such thing as canni-bars, I just made it up).

The real danger of Halloween is that kids have one more culturally-sponsored opportunity to gorge themselves on junk food.  At one time, getting candy was an occasional treat, limited to special occasions such as Halloween.  That is no longer the case, however, as any trip to the gas station, supermarket, or drug store inevitably leads to strategically placed temptations.

Apparently targeted marketing works, as skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart-disease run parallel with the quarterly earnings reports and stock prices of "food" companies that peddle corn-syrup, artificial color, and hydrogenated oil in so many forms.  I think that this is why parents should give the "weirdos" who hand out apples on Halloween some slack and instead tell their children about the true boogeymen who prey on their innocence;  Kraft, Hershey, Brach's...
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