'Pumpple Cake' is the new 'Turducken"

 While savory dietary disasters seem to pop up with alarming regularity (see Hardees anything, KFC's 'Double-down', or Taco Bell's new 'XXL Chalupa'), as far as desserts go, it's hard to imagine anything that, well, hasn't been imagined.

Well folks, picture this, a pumpkin pie and an apple pie are living in the same 2-story apartment building and that building is made of cake.  And, thanks to a Philadelphia based bakery called The Flying Monkey, you can be their landlord.

The 'Pumpple Cake', desert's equivalent of the 'Turducken' (a turkey stuffed with a chicken-stuffed duck), is gaining national attention (Kathy Lee & Hoda tasting one on the TODAY show) thanks to our cultural obsession with the obscene.  The cake is a towering mass of butter-cream icing, chocolate and vanilla layers, each with their own baked-in pie (pumpkin and apple respectively).  The whole thing weighs in at a jaw-dropping 15 pounds and packs a gut-busting 1,800 calories per slice. 

What would you have to do to burn that 1,800 calories off?  Well, assuming that you're an 180lb man, you would have to vigorously perform jumping jacks for one hour, then work out on a stair stepper for another hour, and bring it all home with a competitive game of soccer. 

Maybe Adam Richmond (from the Travel Channel's Man v. Food) can "take one for the team" and put one of these things down (on TV of course) so we don't have to.
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