Huaraches, new age footwear with a vintage feel

While visiting my parents' house for the weekend, I decided to hunker down and tackle the unopened huarache kit from (see The Barefoot Runner: A Marathon Quest for 26.2).  The process was not difficult, as the instructions and videos on the website were very thorough and easy to follow, but a lack tools (a leather punch in particular) demanded improvisation. Fortunately, my dad's known for his lateral thinking and after it was all said and done, I ended up with a functional pair of huarache running sandals.

While mastering the nuances of lacing huaraches properly will require some trial and error, I liked what I felt so far.  During the test run my feet were not silenced by air chambers, foam padding, and "gel".  The whole time I was mind/body/spirit, engaged, and aware.  The sheer amount of information coming from my feet demanded my full attention and at no point was I bored.  Sure, the skin on my feet started to hurt, but that's what calluses are for and my joints felt great.

It was also interesting to bear witness to the zeitgeist of barefoot running.  When I was finishing up my final test run, I saw an older man on a bike stopped on the sidewalk.  He was a complete stranger, but we spent a good five minutes talking about shoes and the lack thereof.  He said that he has been experiencing knee pain when he runs and considered purchasing a pair of Vibram Five-Fingers.  I encouraged him to go for it, but to stick with walking or weight training until his body acclimated.  He thanked me for the information and was on his merry way.

When I got home, I was inspired to put together a video with footage that I shot while playing around with my parents' new camera.  It documents my experience of making huaraches using the Invisible Shoe kit, but the process could be applied to other materials as well.  I hope that watching it encourages others to "go bare" and try barefoot/minimalist shoe running.

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  1. Indeed but as civilizations developed, people also started getting more and more aids which helped them. Footwear's are also a part of these improvements.