100 Push-ups (and 50 Pull-ups): Week 13

As the weeks pile on, it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain my focus on the program.  After doing thousands of push-ups over the past 3 months, I'm starting to crave a bench press (heresy, I know!)  Coincidentally, an opportunity to just that arose when a friend asked if I wanted to go to Planet Fitness on the day that was supposed to be my second push-up workout of the week. 

This is someone who I have known since high-school; the days of FLEX, Muscle & Fitness, and Arnold's Bodybuilding Bible.  Therefore, it was only appropriate that we went old-school, working on pecs, lats, bis, tris, calves, and the like. 

While going through the movements, I was somewhat impressed at the carryover functional exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, walking on hands, etc. imparts on isolation exercises.  I haven't touched a bench press in almost two years, but was able to easily complete 3 sets of 5 reps at 185lbs (I weight 185lbs so I was interested in my "bodyweight" strength).

The next few days, however, I was extremely sore and the thought of doing a couple hundred push-ups wasn't very appealing.  I wrote off the rest of the week and assured myself that I would get back into it next Monday.

I did manage to get at least 2 of the 3 pull-up workouts in, so I wasn't too far behind on the FiftyPullups.com program.  Next week is supposed to be the last week, and the day that I hit "50", but I can't really see that happening at this point.  Adding some extra weeks to the program is a bygone conclusion.

Week 12 Workouts:

Push-up Workout 1 (in reps): 60, 70, 55, 45, max (min 70))

Push-up Workout 2: miss

Push-up Workout 3: miss

Pull-up Workout 1: 30, stretch, 22, stretch, max. 90s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 2: 34, stretch, 20, stretch, max. 90s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 3: miss

In case you missed it:

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