100 Push-ups (and 50 Pull-ups): Week 14

After last week's less-than-perfect adherence to "the schedule", I was unsure how this week would go.  Happily, I can report that the time off, the bench press workout, or some other unknown aspect of the general adaptation syndrome conspired to take my push-ups to the next level.

I was able to hit all my numbers for this week's workouts and 100 consecutive push-ups is starting to look like it is within reach.  Progress is happening, even though it likes to move in fits and starts.

The 50 pull-up program is following a similar track and I am, as I predicted last week, extending it for at least a few more weeks.  This was supposed to be the goal week, but I am currently stuck around 30 pull-ups.  Of course, I am still very pleased with this result and am extremely excited about the prospect of going even deeper into the program.

Week 12 Workouts: 

Push-up Workout 1 (in reps): 60, 70, 55, 45, max (min 70). 60s rest between sets.

Push-up Workout 2: 28, 28, 51, 51, 36, 36, 18, 18, max (min 73).  60s rest between sets.

Push-up Workout 3: 38, 38, 42, 42, 29, 29, 34, 34, max (min 75).  60s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 1: 35, stretch, 24, stretch, max. 90s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 2: 20, stretch, 20, stretch, 20. 90s rest between sets.

Pull-up Workout 3: 20, stretch, 20, stretch, 20. 90s rest between sets.

In case you missed it:

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