Alignmed creates the first line of clothing that works you out

If you have ever taken a Yoga class or received a structural integration massage like Rolfing you know what it feels like to be "adjusted".  Typically the teacher or practitioner lightly touches your shoulders, back, and arms, giving you gentle encouragement to draw your shoulder-blades down and back, to align your neck, and to stand a little taller.

This corrective touch provides your nervous system with information that allows an adjustment in posture, body position, or alignment to occur.  Now, a new company, Alignmed, has created a line of clothing, dubbed "Evidence Based Apparel" (EVB), that seeks to build a "corrective touch" right into your clothes.

These "Anatomic Garments" have built in panels of varying elasticity and friction.  The aptly named "Posture Shirt" creates a mechanical pull on skin and superficial muscles to encourage improved posture, and with it, more open respiration, movement mechanics, and balance.

Alignmed also produces a line of compression pants for running, skiing, and other athletic endeavors.  Similar to the "Posture Shirt", the pants are constructed in such a way as to reduce loading of the knee by providing soft-tissue feedback in the hips, thighs, and lower leg.  The end result is reduced muscular fatigue and impact in the joints.

For injury rehabilitation and more intensive postural re-engineering, there is the "S3 Brace."  The S3 utilizes flexible, adjustable, straps that allow a Physical Therapist or Physician to precisely "tune" the bracing system for the user.  The goal, like the Posture Shirt, being improved head, neck, and spinal alignment.

While moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and compression shirts and shorts have been on the market for some time, Alignmed and it's EVB line have truly taken sports apparel to the next level.
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