100 Push-ups (and 50 Pull-ups): Week 17...the end.

After more than four months of grueling workouts I am officially done with the 100 Push-ups (and 50 Pull-ups) programs.

When I performed the initial max test, I was able to complete 45 push-ups and 15 pull-ups.  After the program, my maximum number of push-ups rose to 70 and my pull-up max rose to 30.

My goal now is to more or less sustain these numbers for the next several months and to solidify the gains while allowing my body to adapt and prepare for another push several months down the road.

Was this program hard?  Yes.  Was it worth it?  Yes.

Thinking about doing the program yourself?  Check out my week by week updates starting from day 1.

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  1. You say you ended up with a max of 70 pushups yet were doing 75 on week 15 in your final set after doing tons of pushups beforehand with minimal rest in between? Please explain.

  2. @Anon. The workout repetitions were not always "straight through". The final number was for non-stop push-ups.

  3. Just found your site and so far I'm a fan. My wife and I just had a baby and I've found zero time to workout. Figured I'd at least give the 100 pushups 50 pullups program a try. I haven't looked at the schedule too much but one the 100 pushups website it says it's a 6 week program. You have links for 17 weeks. what are the extra weeks filled with? I could probably figure it out if I read a little more...but like i said...no time! :-)

  4. Glad you like the site! You are correct in that the original program is for 6 weeks, but I ended up adding weeks and extending the program out significantly. I think that it is a great program for someone who doesn't have a lot of time, but it is also extremely challenging, so be prepared to push your limits!

  5. I have a question was this the only thing you did? or was this a supplemental workout?

  6. At the time I was doing a minimal amount of training other than the push-ups. Pull-ups, jogging, and general activity, which for me is pretty substantial since I'm a personal trainer and it is an "on the go" type of job!