Caveman Me, The 90 Day Paleo Diet Challenge: Week 5, "Let them eat cake"

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Last week, I dropped more weight than any previous week, but my bodyfat percentage increased.  Not cool right?  The bottom line is that I was too calorie deprived and my body was responding by burning off muscle tissue. 

So, this past week, I upped my calorie intake by about 500 kcal/day, and even though Sunday night was my Dad's birthday, and I ate two giant slices of my wife's home-made carrot cake (definitely not a paleo recipe), I still lost a 1/2 pound and dropped a full .8% bodyfat.

If you read last weeks update, you might have noticed that I planned on a "free" weekend next week (a wedding in Miami and a full two days at my parent's house), but I have decided that marking each 30 day interval with a single free meal will actually help me stay on track better.

A whole "free weekend" is too much, and I definitely felt the effects of a single non-paleo dessert (not even a full-on meal).  An epic food hangover (possibly even a food coma) doesn't sound fun and really kind of defeats the point of doing this in the first place.

The truth is that I really enjoy the foods that I am eating on my new plan, my body feels great, I'm shedding bodyfat, my sleep is better, my mind is clearer, etc., etc., etc...  The idea of "cheating" really speaks to a fundamental dissatisfaction with the status quo.  The new "Paleo quo" is great and the desire to "cheat" is really a non-issue at this point.

It's exciting to be eating in a way that feels really good.  It's boring to feel tired, lethargic, bloated, and frustrated.  And really, excitement is what we are all looking for anyway.

Week 5 Statistics:

Weight - 184 (-8lbs from start)

Bodyfat % - 11.1% (-2.2% from start)

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