Caveman Me, The 90 Day Paleo Diet Challenge: Week 6, "For Weddings and a Golden Corral"

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"A friggin candy-bar!  You've got to be kidding me!" I exclaimed.  And by "candy-bar", I don't mean a fun-sized Snickers.  I mean a full on, all-you-can-eat, plethora of cookies, candies, chocolate, and pretty much every other non-paleo food item you could imagine.  I'm at ground zero for dietary indiscretion, a wedding reception.

My wife and I had traveled to Miami that day to attend her college-roomates wedding, and I was cool up until I saw the candy-bar.  The voice in my head flip-flopped between "You can do it!" and "You can eat it!" faster than you can say "wedding cake", but, ultimately, I stayed strong, and the winds of temptation ceased to blow as soon as we departed the soiree.  In the process, I learned a powerful lesson.  The external doesn't control the internal, and in case I didn't get the message clearly enough, we stopped by a Golden Corral the next day.

Golden Corral is a Southern institution.  You can't help but get patriotic, with visions of Old-Glory swaying in the breeze, when you see row upon row of food, and row upon row of people lining up to pile it in.  Previous visits to these temples of gluttony put my into a shark-like frenzy.  After an initial manic euphoria, a disturbance would start rumbling deep within my bowels.  At this point, I'll stop, as the conclusion is far-gone.

My resolve, however, had been strengthened by my wedding reception success, and I stuck to salad, steamed vegetables, and the leanest meats I could find.  At the conclusion of our meal I actually felt, OK.  It was strange walking out on my own cognisance rather than in a wheel-barrow.

The real beauty was checking my stats after the weekend trip and finding out that I had, in fact, dropped another two pounds and had decreased my bodyfat by another .5%.  For the first time in years, I am within striking distance of single-digit bodyfat and there ain't nothing that can stop me now.

Week 6 Statistics:

Weight - 182 (-10lbs from start)

Bodyfat % - 10.6% (-2.7% from start)

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