Genetically Modified Foods, A "Growing" Trend

Photo by Timothy J. LaSalle
Do you start your day with a nice bowl of cereal, maybe adding a splash of soymilk in order to "be heart healthy"?  If this sounds like you, chances are, you are downing two of the biggest offenders in the GMO (genetically modified organism) wars; corn and soybeans.

Consumer groups are clamoring for greater transparency in labeling, but food producers are predictably against such efforts.  Producers fear that labeling foods as "genetically modified" has a negative conotation, I wonder why?

Maybe, consumers are wary of having GMO foisted upon them because these foods lack any unbiased (key word) safety studies.  Maybe they know (or know of) farmers who have had their crops infiltrated by GMO seeds/pollen and who were subsequently sued through "intellectual property" claims by firms such as Monsanto.  Maybe they know that GMO foods actually increase worldwide food shortages by eliminating subsistence farming, local agriculture, and the literal use of "terminator" genes to prevent seed harvesting for the next growing season.

If you want to know more about GMO foods and to learn what you can do as a consumer to help protect our food supply, check out my previous post, "Fed Up."
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