Caveman Me, The 90-Day Paleo Diet Challenge: Week 7, "Blood Work"

Each year, the company that I work for offers all of it's employees annual health screenings.  In addition to saving money on my insurance premiums, this year's health screening gave me an opportunity to compare and contrast some of the changes that have been taking place within my body as a result of following the Paleo Diet.

For both this year and last, I fell into the "healthy" category for every test variable.  However, there were still significant improvements, with the only exception being my Body Mass Index (BMI).      

Since last years test, my HDL ("good" cholesterol) increased, my LDL ("bad" cholesterol) decreased, my blood sugar was lower (even though I hadn't fasted), and my blood pressure went down.  My B.M.I. went up this year (from 24 to 25), but BMI is unreliable as it doesn't account for muscle mass or body composition.

The bottom line is that I was "healthier" across the board, providing even more validation to my decision to "Go Paleo"!

Week 7 Statistics

Weight - 181 (-11lbs from start)
Bodyfat % - 11.1% (-2.2% from start)

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