Caveman Me, The 90-Day Paleo Diet Challenge: Week 10, "Gut 'O the Irish"

Although no one in my family is of Irish descent, we do have an honored tradition of treating St. Patrick's Day like a greener, slightly alcoholic version of Thanksgiving.  That is to say, there is much eating, drinking, and jubilation, and this year was no different. 

Fortunately, the Saturday after St. Patrick's Day (our chosen day of celebration), fell right in line with my 60-Day milestone and as such, coincided with the second of my three pre-planned "cheat" days (the first being my Dad's birthday, the third being my birthday).

Everything was made from scratch; the corned beef, soda bread, applesauce, butterscotch fudge, and cabbage/carrots/red potatoes.  The only canned/processed foods were the the Guinness and Bailey's, as home-brewing would create too much "leftovers".

Leading up to dinner, I had a consumed only a green smoothie, so by the time it was served, I was raring to go.  And go I did.  Pastured butter was slathered on bread, a big pile of corned beef was draped over the veggies, and appellations were imbibed.

Drifting into a semi-lucid stupor, I urged everyone to take a "little" walk.  Four miles later, my stomach has ceased it's cramping and we all felt much better.

The next day however, I felt as if I was getting sick with symptoms of low-grade fever, fatigue, and general malaise.  My resolution was firm, however, and I got right back on my Paleo plan.  One day of Paleo eating later and I was feeling good as new. 

At this point, I realize how profoundly I am affected by non-paleo foods like flour, alcohol, and sugar.  The increasingly uncomfortable aftermath of eating such foods is an indisputable sign that Paleo is the way to go.  I can eat salad, meat, and other Paleo foods till bursting and still feel great the next day, but the same can't be said for grains, beans, and sugar.

Week 10 Statistics:

Weight - 179lbs (-13lbs from start)

Bodyfat % - 10.6% (-2.7% from start)

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