Caveman Me, The 90-Day Paleo Diet Challenge: Week 11, "Live Caveman & Go Paleo 2.0!"

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If you haven't already read "Paleo 2.0 - A Diet Manifesto" on Dr. Kurt G. Harris' blog, "PāNu", you should.

Basically, If you've been following my "Caveman Me" series, you already know that after years of eating according to the ADA and USDA standards of "health", I was blown away by how I felt after following the guidelines in Dr. Cordain's 'Paleo Diet' and 'Paleo Diet for Athletes' as well as Robb Wolf's 'Paleo Solution'. These books essentially fall into the category of "Paleo 1.0".

The reason that "Paleo 2.0" has captured my attention is that, I have been experiencing some psychic distress surrounding the "paleo food" vs. "non-paleo food" concept and the complete eschewing of all "neolithic/non-paleo" foods.

On a pure physical level, I also wasn't comfortable with the idea that raw milk from a healthy, well cared for, grass fed, local cow was simply "bad".  I understand that it might be bad for some people, but in my own personal experience it was amazing and the people producing it were amazing too.

Realistically and financially, I wasn't about to buy the idea that in order to be healthy I needed to test my blood and urine on a regular basis, buy an ownership stake in a supplement company, and to log, track, calculate, weigh, and debate every calorie I put in my mouth. In other words, yesterday's "Paleo 2.0" manifesto was an affirmation of everything that I had been feeling and it was a breath of fresh air, a liberation, and an inspiration.
Whenever I'm unfortunate enough to watch the news for 30 seconds, I realize that we can't even agree on what is taking place RIGHT NOW.  Coming to some sort of definitive conclusion with regards to what happened 5, 10, or 20 thousand years ago is akin to literally taking a stab in the dark and, while interesting and worthy of study, far from a perfect science.

That being said, I'm not opposed to invoking the word "caveman" in my conversations about my diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices.  Just as "paleo" can mean "paleolithic", or, in the context of "paleo 2.0", mean an "appeal to archaic foodways to learn what is wrong with our Neolithic/industrial diet'.

When I say that I "Live Caveman", I don't intend to evoke the stereotypical images and associations of cave-dwelling, loincloth-wearing, club-wielding, unwashed, unshaven, bloody, and brutish "savages".  Instead, as Dr. Harris does with his re-framing of the world "Paleo", it is a statement that speaks to my desire to appeal to archaic ways of living to learn what is wrong with our 21st century society/lifestyle.

To speak plainly, I believe that "living caveman" is about building a strong "tribe" of family and friends, connecting with my real needs rather than my ephemeral wants, experiencing nature with as few filters as possible, and honoring my human "animalness" as well as 'being".

Live Caveman!  Go Paleo 2.0!

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