Caveman Me, The 90-Day Paleo Diet Challenge: Week 13, "Completion"

Over the course of the past 12 weeks, I can count both significant losses and gains.

Starting the challenge at 191 bloated pounds and with over 13% bodyfat, I'm now comfortably walking around at 176lbs with a single digit percentage (9.7%) for the first time in years.  

Performance wise, my workouts have never been better.  Only two weeks into my CrossFit membership, I'm consistently posting WOD (Workout Of the Day) times at the top of my class comprised of CrossFit veterans.  This performance increase has coincided with a decrease in overall training volume.  Recovery is indeed overrated, and I now realize that over-exercising is unnecessary for weight maintenance now that my nutrition, sleep, and recovery are dialed in.  

The rapid and noticeable results that I've attained prompted a lot of questions from friends and family.  Feeling more energetic and motivated than any time in recent history, I talked to many of them about Paleo/Primal nutrition, convincing quite a few to try the regiment along the way.  For some, my proselytizing has been received with gratitude.  One person in particular told me that I, "saved" his life by sharing this information with him.  He lost over 10lbs in one month, dropped almost five inches off his waist, and can run again for the first time in years.  But, for others, the effect has been otherwise. 

My passion for Paleo had temporarily clouded my vision and I ventured into the territory of "overbearing" and "unwanted."  Regardless of my intentions, if someone ultimately feels judged, dis-empowered, or just plain "bad" about themselves as a result of me telling them what they should or shouldn't be eating, it's a losing proposition for both parties.

My journey for ultimate health is my journey.  This doesn't give me the right to be judge, jury, and executioner for anyone else.  However, if someone expresses curiosity, asks questions, or requests advice, I will share it freely and openly.  I only win when I show respect for someone else's path or position in life and it doesn't have to threaten my own personal decisions and actions.

Beyond the coven of my personal life, going Paleo has redefined and refocused my blog, created new business opportunities, and paved the way for my future professional career.  This blog alone has experienced a renaissance that has been nothing short of astonishing.  In just a few months, my average monthly pageviews have jumped from ~1,000 to over 5,000 in the month of March.  April is on track to 10,000 and beyond that, the sky's the limit.  

Needless to say, I plan on continuing the Paleo/Primal life. The 90-Day challenge is complete, but the journey has just begun.

Week 12: "Get CrossFit"

90-Day Photo Gallery

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Day 30

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Day 90

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