New Fighter's Only Magazine, "Train Hard Fight Easy", Features Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, and Paleo UFC Fighters

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In the May 2011 issue of Train Hard Fight Easy, dubbed "The Natural Issue" in honor of UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, is a four page spread featuring information on the Paleo Diet, Paleo UFC athletes, interviews with Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, and strength coach Ollie North.  (The article's full title, "Caveman Munch -  The paleo diet might sound like ancient history but eating like a caveman is currently the hottest thing in nutrition, and with good reason")   

Contributor Hywel Teague gives a fairly good job describing the Paleo Diet ("it's based on what we believe our hunter-gatherer ancestor's ate") and the input from Robb Wolf ("It's not an attempt at historical re-enactment!...We inform our choices with molecular biology and sports science to get the best from old and new.") really keeps the article from succumbing to the perils of oversimplification and sensationalization typically associated with reports on the Paleo diet.

A "Paleo Principles" sidebar drawn from Loren Cordain's book, The Paleo Diet, outlines the basic precepts of "eating like a caveman" (i.e. "Eat only what you could hunt and gather - natural foods only, nothing processed") and a "One-Day Paleo Diet Plan" suggests that "Eating like a caveman isn't as boring as you might think!" (steak and fruit for breakfast, spinach and avocado salad with crayfish for lunch, wild salmon with butternut squash for dinner, and nuts and beef jerky for snacks).

Several Paleo UFC fighters are mentioned, including former champions Forrest Griffin and Frank Mir.  They reportedly appreciate the improved recovery and ease of weight cutting experienced while on the plan.  Team Rough House coach Ollie North also mentions that he "tries to get his fighters to follow the paleo diet as much as possible," but some people get hung up on the name and he ends up phrasing it as simply focusing on "fresh, unprocessed food," and dispelling the myth that "you must drink milk, have cereal for breakfast, (and) bread with everything!"  North himself claims that eating Paleo helped him cut his body fat to 8% and says that "the results are very quick to show - once you get past the carb withdrawal headache!"

Robb Wolf also suggests that UFC fighter Brock Lesnar could have avoided his career threatening bout with diverticulitis if he had balanced his meatbreadpasta diet with "some fruits and veggies."  Additionally, he mentions that "The autoimmunity research community is seeing strong linkage between grain intolerance and things like diverticulitis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Chrohn's disease and similar gastro-intestinal problems.

The rest of the feature is primarily pictures of the aforementioned Brock Lesnar hunting and another sidebar with British UFC fighter Dean Amasinger.  A cast-member on Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter, Amasinger gives Paleo his endorsement, "In short, I think a version of the paleo diet is good for everyone," with the aside that, "I think there are principles to be taken from it and used rather than to stick to it like gospel."

Since this issue of Train Hard Fight Easy was "The Natural Issue", there are several other features that would make a caveman happy like the nutritional breakdown of horse meat vs beef (reportedly the diet secret of Alistair "Uber-reem" Overeem), the performance enhancing effects of spinach, an outdoor "hunter gatherer" workout, dietary advice from Randy Couture ("If it's pre-packaged, put on a shelf and will last through the apocalyps then it's probably not that good for you."), a discussion of bodily acidity-alkalinity and the benefits of green vegetables, and a full step-by-step recipe breakdown of "Brock Lesnar's favorite meal" which, surprisingly, is a sesame seed crusted seared ahi tuna steak with sweet potato puree and asparagus.

For more information from Robb Wolf, check out his book, "The Paleo Solution."

Athletes who are interested in going Paleo should also read Loren Cordain and Joe Friel's "The Paleo Diet for Athletes."
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