Art DeVany Uncensored: Part IV

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Often referred to as the “grandfather” of the Paleo movement, Art DeVany is the author of “The New Evolution Diet” and also has his own website and blog ( He has appeared on PBS and NPR, The New York Times and other national media as an expert on the Paleo lifestyle. Most recently, he was seen towing his Land Rover SUV on an ABC Nightline program about “Paleo diets and caveman workouts.”

I posted the question, “What would you ask Art?” on the site and wanted to share with you the top responses.

Do you see any significant differences between eating to look good and eating to live a long time?

No differences. Health looks good. Inflammation and obesity steal your youth and looks.

Dr. K:
How important do you think telomeres are to (health) and does eating a Paleolithic diet help extend telomeres?

The telomere/mitochondrial axis of aging is the key pathway. My diet and approach to activity reduce the oxidation which is the key driver of mitochondrial decline and loss of telomere length. When the telomere chain reaches its end, the cell die. Cancer cells are the only ones that can survive short telomere length. Excessive aerobic exercise and the inflammatory, grain-based modern diet are damaging to the telomere/mitochondrial axis.

Did you face a lot of backlash over monetizing your site and would you monetize your site differently...or at all...if you could do it all over again?

There were some complaints, but we have a thriving and active community enjoying the great comments of fellow-members. In our Members Forum, Newbies can get help from our smart members who have gone through the transition to the Evolutionary Fitness way, as explained in The New Evolution Diet and all over my site.

We have formed a community of a few thousand members.

I would do it all over again.

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