Caveman Cuisine: Butter Nuts


8oz raw hazelnuts
Cinnamon powder
1-2 tbsp ghee (softened)
2-3 tsp sea salt
Filtered water

Step 1: Soak

Soak the raw hazelnuts overnight in sea-salted water (for more detailed instructions, see Piquant Pepitas.)

Step 2: Off with the bad, on with the good

Thoroughly rinse the hazelnuts and partially dry by rolling them around on a paper towel.  Put the hazelnuts back into the bowl and combine with ghee and cinnamon until fully coated.

Step 3: Dry

Set your oven to it's lowest temperature (preferably no more that 150 degrees) and put the hazelnuts on a baking sheet covered in wax paper (if needed, you can lower the temperature of your oven by opening the oven door partway.)  Put the nuts in the oven and check every 30 minutes or so to make sure that they are not cooking/burning.  When the nuts have completely dried, turn off the oven and allow them to sit in the warm stove for an additional hour or more to ensure that they have completely dried.  

Step 4: Love your butter stuff

Butter Nuts are great as a snack, can be ground into nut butter, added to your Coconut Muesli and much more!
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  1. you can also park a stick in the door to control the heat by having it vent some out..and keep it low....low heat is essential for having all the Nutrients remain intact>>>

  2. could these be done in a dehydrator then?

  3. Absolutely, a dehydrator would work great!