The Ultimate Chocolate Showdown!

Who says you can't have your chocolate and eat it too?  While most commercial available chocolate bars contain numerous additives, allergens (such as milk), and excess sugar, there are some varieties, ostensibly for "baking", that are 100% pure cocoa.  Consuming pure chocolate might seem a bit extreme, but if you are a true chocolate lover, you will likely come to relish the intense delights of "la experiencia puro".  That being said, all chocolate is not created equal and thus, THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE SHOWDOWN!

Dagoba 100% Organic Chocolate for Baking
Price: $$$
Value: 6 servings
Texture: Smooth
Overall: Best 100% chocolate by far.  Almost no bitterness means that it's worth splurging on this one from time to time.  Another plus is that it's totally organic and fair trade certified.

Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate
Price: $
Value: 8 servings
Texture: Slightly gritty
Overall: Cheap price and large serving size makes this the workhorse of the bunch.  Great for cooking.  When eating combine with some nuts, coconut, or a few sips of heavy cream to cover the bitterness.

Ghirardelli 100% Cocao Unsweetened Chocolate
Price: $$
Value: 8 servings
Texture: Mostly smooth
Overall: A thinner bar than the others, this one is somewhere in the middle as far as texture and bitterness is concerned.  A good option if you want to eat 100% chocolate without getting odd looks from strangers, all you have to say is "It's Ghirardelli!"
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  1. Those chocolates look pretty good, although I don't think they're available in my country.

    The best I've found is 70% cocoa, and it contains "organic" sugar, so it is a no-no for me.

  2. If you do a search for "baking chocolate" in the box (upper right corner of this page right above the Facebook plug-in) you will find 100% chocolate such as the Ghirardelli baking bar. I believe that Amazon ships globally, so you might be able to simply mail-order some :)