Caveman Cuisine: Bacon Cheddar Eggs

Lately I've been taking a "less is more" approach to cooking and am experimenting with how little I can do to create something that still tastes good.

With minimalism in mind, I wanted to make a "one pan" breakfast and it just so happened that I had some bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, eggs, and pastured ghee on hand.

After melting the ghee, I cracked the eggs directly into the pan and sprinkled them with bacon pieces and thin slices of cheddar.

I put a lid over the pan and let the eggs cook for until the cheese was melted and the whites seemed mostly set.

Using a spatula, I separated the eggs from the pan and lifted the entire mass out in one piece. The bacon and cheese contained enough salt for me to skip adding any extra, but I did crack some fresh black pepper over the top before digging in.

I would have liked the yolks to be a little more runny, but as it was, the dish still came out delicious.


4 eggs
1-2 slices of pre-cooked bacon (chopped into small pieces)
~1oz sharp cheddar cheese (thinly sliced)
Fresh ground black pepper
1 tbsp clarified butter (ghee)


In a small frying pan, melt ghee over medium heat.  Add eggs to the ghee and sprinkle with bacon and cheese.  Cover and allow the eggs to cook for several minutes, or until the whites have mostly set and the cheese is melted.  Season the eggs with fresh ground black pepper before serving.
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  1. Looks wonderful! Do note higher up in your post, where you say to add 'think' slices of cheese. I got a kick out of that, lol.

    Will you do this again and take less time, so the yolks are runnier? I love runny yolks!


  2. Thanks for catching the typo! I thought I typed "thin" but an extra "k" slipped in there!

    I've been tweaking the recipe and actually tried it with full slices of bacon instead of bacon pieces. I'll be posting updates as I get closer to runny-yolk perfection!