Caveman Cuisine: Effortless Bacon & Eggs

You might remember from a previous recipe post (Bacon Cheddar Eggs) that I have been playing with minimalist approaches to cooking.  I feel like there is something to be said for being less "fussy" about food, and can't help but think that our Paleolithic ancestors probably didn't concern themselves too much with the aesthetics of how their food was presented.  Rather, they likely ate food covered in ash, soot, and dirt, ate it with their hands, and were thankful to have had the blessing of nourishment that day.

I'm saying all of this as someone who is notoriously fussy about having my food "just so".  I have spent an inordinate amount of time concerned with the aesthetics of proper food composition.  However, I am interested in breaking down my own conventional ways of thinking about food and am willing to forgo the qualities of  "verticality", "color", and "balance" in place of authenticity and an attitude of appreciation for the fact that I have food to fuss over.

To that end, I approached this particular breakfast with the idea that I wanted it to be effortless.  By this, I don't mean "easy", I mean literally effortless, as in expending as little effort as possible.


4 eggs
3 strips of uncured bacon
Fresh black pepper
Guacamole (or more simply, mashed avocado)


In a small frying pan, cook bacon over medium heat.  Once the bacon is crispy, crack the eggs directly into the pan.  Crack some fresh black pepper over the eggs and stir everything around a bit, or let the eggs cook over-easy if preferred.  When the eggs are at your desired level of doneness, simply scoop the whole mess out of the pan and pile onto a plate.  Top with some guacamole and have at it.

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  1. I love these simple recipes -- they remind us that eating right doesn't have to be hard or complicated.

  2. Awesome feedback! Thanks cleaningmyplate!

  3. It's true. This recipe makes me want to go home and have eggs and bacon for dinner! Thanks! :D

  4. My kinda meal! Thanks!!!