Caveman Cuisine: Getting Jiggly with It

Slowly simmered, fall-apart tender meat is great but I'm almost as enamored with the "leftovers". After all, when you take out the protein, you're left with all the delicious fat, connective tissue, marrow, and flavor!

I've posted before about how, after the cooking liquid has cooled, you can skim and render out the fat for future cooking (even infusing it with garlic and other flavors) and the jiggly, gelatin-filled broth can be used for soups, stocks, and other recipes. However, there are more options that can be explored.

In this case, I used the leftover cooking liquid from my last crock-pot pork butt, skimmed the fat, and heated the "meat jello" up in a sauce pan.

Bringing the broth up to a near boil, I then poached eggs in the broth, infusing them with meaty, spicy flavor.


2 cups broth (I used the leftovers from "Happier than a pig in...")
4 eggs


In a small saucepan, heat the broth until it is almost boiling.  Add eggs, to the hot broth.  When the whites have set, remove the eggs with a slotted spoon.  Poached eggs can be enjoyed alone, or over a salad, as a topping for meats (which can result in some strange meta-meat-meat-topping type situations).

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