Caveman Cuisine: Nibbling

My experiment with neck bones (see "Necking") resulted in a tasty beef and spinach soup. I opted for removing the bones and meat so that I could blend the broth and give the end product a smooth, creamy consistency, but it also left me with quite a bit of, well, bits.

Throwing away nutritious foodstuffs is contrary to my nature, so I dutifully removed the pieces of meat, cartilage, and fat from the bones.  It was a pretty good size pile of meat and tissue and, staring at it, the glistening, gelatinous mass, shit got real.  I realized that if I was going to eat my way out of this, I would need some complimentary condiments.

I enlisted some organic, cultured sour cream and hot sauce, and sat down in front of the TV to watch some of the documentary BBC Television show, "The Incredible Human Journey" (how apropo!)

Tucking into my plate, I was surprised at how pleasantly beefy the flavor was. However, the "challenging" texture triggered an autonomic gag reflex and I had to fight down a few retching waves. My reflective, rational self kept me calm, breathing, and focused on the quite pleasing taste. My instinctive self wanted to throw up.

Logic ultimately won the day, and by relaxing into the unfamiliar textural experience, I hope to have forged some new neural connections.

Till next time! (Ox tails, chicken feet, and cow heart, I'm looking at you!)
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  1. I think you started with a pretty hard one Tony. Oxtail and cow heart are delicious and the texture isn't bad at all. And not 5 minutes ago, I tossed 1/2 chicken feet into a pot of stock. They are pretty funny looking!

  2. Maybe I'm just a glutton for a challenge (or punishment)! Do you have any recipes for ox-tail or cow-heart that you would recommend?