Caveman Cuisine: Necking

You might call this one an "impulse" buy.

Looking at this anatomical marvel, cleanly sliced into neat chunks by an industrial strength saw, I couldn't help but think, "Why not?"

Shiny cartilage, jutting bones, and bright red swaths of meat, tendon, and sinew flowed together and apart. The sheer amount of connective tissue indicated to me that a soup would be the best way to prepare this particular piece of cow.  The neck.

Searching the fridge, I found some vegetables (both fresh and frozen) and a few choice spices.  I brought out my large stock pot and laid the neck bones on the bottom of the pan.

I then added carrots, onions, garlic, and a generous amount of fresh ground black pepper and sea salt.

Filtered water was added to cover the meat and vegetables, and after bringing everything up to a boil, I turned the heat to a simmer and covered the pot.

After three hours of slow simmering, I removed the neck bones and from the pan. Some of the meat had fallen off of them, which I simply left in the soup, and the bones themselves had softened, hopefully having given up their marrow and nutrients.

Turning back to the soup, I added a few cups of frozen organic spinach and once again brought everything up to a boil.  Then, turning the heat off, I let the soup cool.

Letting the soup cool is a step that I could have avoided if I possessed an immersion blender (aka a "stick blender"), but alas I do not. Rather, I partook in the tricky operation of pouring a large quantity of veggie-laden liquid from a pot into my regular blender. Thankfully, I succeeded in spilling only a small amount.

I blended the soup until it was smooth and added a few more cups of water to thin the consistency. The end result was a rich, beefy broth with an almost creamy consistency.

If you're wondering about those leftover neck bones, check out the follow up post, "Nibbling".

Beef-Neck and Spinach Soup Ingredients:

1lb beef neck bones
2 medium carrots (cut into chunks)
1/2 white onion (sliced)
5 cloves garlic (lightly smashed)
3 cups frozen organic spinach leaves
Fresh black pepper and sea salt (to taste)
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