Caveman Cuisine: White and Yellow, White and Yellow, White and Yellow

When I first started eating "healthy" (whole grains/low-fat, the usual conventional wisdom) my goal was to eat a salad every day. When my diet evolved, I began to look more closely at ingredients such as industrial seed oils and as a result decided to eliminate the store-bought lower-fat dressing that I had been quite fond of as it contained canola oil (among other things).

I tried to made my own home-made dressings and experimented with honey mustard, avocado, and others, but found that the time and energy expended just made me less likely to eat a salad in the first place.

Eventually, I realized that I didn't have to use "salad dressing", home-made or store bought, to dress my salads. I looked for ingredients and flavors that I liked and that fit my current dietary goals.

After some tinkering, I came up with "White and Yellow". This has been my go-to dressing for the past few months and am very happy with it. I'll pile up the fresh veggies and top it with a generous portion of chicken, beef, and pork (I'm not into vegetarian/vegan salads). I even use this combo at the cafeteria at work and it has led to quite a few conversations about what I am eating and why.


Organic cultured sour cream
Yellow mustard


Drizzle yellow mustard over the top of your salad. Then, drizzle sour cream. Add some fresh ground pepper if you like and enjoy!

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