Caveman Cuisine: Green and Clean

As the EZ-bake oven of Summer gives way to the wet chill of Fall and as our table finds its fare becoming progressively heavier, fattier, and laden with sweets, meats, and all sorts of decadent treats, the need for a momentary respite deepens. The mounting indulgences, one heaped upon the other like football players in a pile-up, tax the digestive apparatus in evolutionarily novel ways.

Taking a breath, creating some space, and clearing away the accumulated detritus of one too many holiday parties was the special task of this particularly green decoction of concentrated living things. The ingredients were sourced from the small garden plot in my back yard (see How Does Your Garden Grow?), the same square of soil that has lain fallow and neglected for weeks. I chose to honor the sad and heroic efforts of the few stragglers, dandelion, broccoli, parsley and kale, by atomizing them in my blender.

Along with the sacrificial sprouts, a haphazard mix of items from my refrigerator and pantry were also surrendered to the whirling altar.  Their contributions afforded a surprising palatability to the final product, a frothy green melange suffused with the essence of life and death.


3 handfuls of assorted greens (kale, broccoli sproutlings, dandelions, parsley, radish tops, etc.)
1 medium carrot (broken into chunks)
1 handful of the green leafy bits from the heart of a celery stalk
1 Fuji apple (sliced from the core)
1" chunk of fresh ginger root
1 scoop unflavored whey protein
1 tsp maple syrup
2-3 drops real vanilla extract
1 pinch sea salt
Pinch cinnamon
1 tbsp chia seeds
3 Brazil nuts
1 tsp almond butter
10oz cold distilled water


Add all ingredients to a sturdy blender.  Gradually increase the intensity of the blending till "liquify" is achieved.  Rub your head and pat your belly.  Then, drink the mixture straight from the blender or from your favorite glass.  Be sure to clean the glass thoroughly if it was in fact your wife's favorite glass and she is not amused by dried on green bits.
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