Caveman Cuisine: Chicken and Eggs

All of the sudden, I was awake.

Having been lightened of yesterday's burdens (see the cathartic "Eggs and Chicken" post), I began the day with an appetite, an appetite for food.

IF'ing for breakfast (i.e. eating nothing) isn't my bag so it was back to the refrigerator for another round of "Let's See What We Can Make!" (Which I am pitching as a new Food Network game show so don't even think about stealing it!)

Irrational as it is, I sometimes expect to be surprised when I check the fridge for the 3rd time in a row. Perhaps, unbeknownst to me, a friendly relative or neighbor has stopped by in the interval with a basket full of goodies? Maybe groceries spontaneously regenerate? Maybe I've entered the Twilight Zone and my refrigerator door is in fact a portal to a delicious alternate universe? And maybe not.

What I did find was the same exact things I found the last time I looked. A glass jar of ghee, some kale, chicken (you pathetic and scrumptious creature you!), and eggs.

Melting a chunk of ghee into a pan I sauteed the greens before tossing in chunks of dark meat from the chicken's thigh. I cracked the eggs directly into the pan, and watched as they instantly curdled in the heat.

This dish was something different, I realized, and it turned out better than I had imagined.


4oz dark meat chicken (torn into pieces)
3 eggs
2 cups fresh kale (washed and torn into pieces)
1 tbsp ghee


Melt the ghee in a frying pan over medium heat.  Once the ghee has melted, add kale and saute until wilted.  Add the chicken and cook only long enough for it to heat up.  Crack the eggs directly into the pan and stir.  When the eggs have cooked through, it's time to eat.
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  1. Do you know, FED, I don't think I've ever eaten chicken and eggs in the same meal? Not even in fried rice as I always chose the shrimp type. That's amazing to me since I'm ancient; I'll have to plan a meal to break the streak.