Caveman Cuisine: Cinnamon Raisin Apples with Venison Sausage

As a regular reader of this blog, you likely know that my dad is a hunter and I, by proxy, am the recipient of many wonderful packages of venison sausage, cube-steaks, tenderloins, and hams. Such meat is wonderfully free of the industrial food system and I consume it with relish.

Actually, I consume it with many different things and happily experiment with flavors that may at first seem contradictory. In the past, I have paired venison with cranberry sauce and sour cream, stuffed it with sweet potato, crusted it in salt, and jerked it Jamaican style.

This time, however, I cooked up an especially sweet combination that I think you'll enjoy.  If you can't find venison sausage, you could probably rustle up some good local hog sausage for a similar effect.


1 medium organic Fuji apple (diced)
1 tbsp organic raisins
1 tbsp raw pecans (chopped)
1/4lb venison sausage (pressed into 3-4 small patties)
Dash of cinnamon


In a medium frying pan, cook the sausage patties until fully browned on both sides (3-5 minutes per side on medium heat).  Remove the sausage patties to a separate plate, but leave the drippings in the pan.  Add diced apples, raisins, and pecans to the pan and let them cook in the drippings until the apples soften.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and stir to coat.  Serve along with a nice Coco-latte.
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