Caveman Cuisine: Egg Salad

I get that a "salad" is just a heterogeneous mixture of various foodstuffs, but I've never really got "egg salad" (or "tuna salad", or "pasta salad" for that matter.) It just seemed like "mashed eggs" or "sloppy eggs" would make a better moniker.

In my mind, a salad is always crisp, cool, and vegetably (a word meaning "composed of lots of vegetables"). Sometimes hot toppings can be added, providing a delightful contrast of temperatures and complimentary flavors.

This time, several fried eggs made their way atop a pile of fresh organic veggies and thus a true "egg salad" was born.


3 pastured eggs
1 tbsp ghee or extra virgin olive oil
Fresh pepper and sea salt
Coconut vinegar (or balsamic, or red wine, etc.)
Green leaf lettuce (roughly torn)
1 small carrot (shredded)
3 small radishes (sliced)
Red onion (thinly sliced)


Assemble your salad by layering lettuce and all the other vegetables in a large bowl.  When this is complete, sprinkle the veggies with vinegar and possibly a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.  Set aside.

In a small frying pan, heat up ghee or olive oil over medium heat.  Add all three eggs and fry, making sure to keep the yolk intact.

When the eggs are done to your liking, carefully place them atop the vegetables.  Season the eggs with sea salt and fresh black pepper.

The dressing is assembled ad hoc as the rich egg yolks combine with the bright acidity of the vinegar.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe, would love to try this as well.

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