The Bulletproof Breakfast

During my trip to Austin for Paleo F(x), I kept hearing people talking about drinking "bulletproofed coffee". "What would make coffee bulletproof?" I wondered. Would it be served in a Kevlar mug?  As it turns out, "bulletproofing" your coffee has nothing to do with deflecting high-speed projectiles, but it has everything to do with maximizing the benefits derived from your morning cup of joe...and butter, lots of butter.

Dave Aspey, "The Bulletproof Executive", is the man responsible for this trend, so I went to his website to figure out what all the fuss was about.  Apparently Dave was on a mountaineering trip when he was served a creamy cup of Yak-butter tea by some friendly Tibetans.  So invigorated was he that, upon his return to the States, he decided to drop nearly a whole stick of grass-fed Kerrygold butter into two cups of low mycotoxin coffee, blended it with some medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, and voila, Bulletproof Coffee was born.

It just so happened that I had some Kerrygold butter in my fridge, and, although it wasn't "upgraded", my coffee was a quality blend of organic beans that I French-pressed for maximum cafestol content.  I also didn't have any MCT oil, but I did have plenty of organic coconut oil which is high in MCTs.

Into the blender went about two cups of hot coffee, 2 tablespoons of unsalted Kerrygold butter (I figured I'd need to ease myself into it) and about 1 tbsp of coconut oil.  Revving up my sturdy Hamilton Beach brought the coffee-butter-oil mixture to a foamy consistency, which I then poured into my BPA-free ceramic mug.

The verdict?

It's good!

Remarkably (or should I say predictably), the coffee had a nice creamy flavor that was not too dissimilar to that of grass-fed heavy cream.  The blending also incorporated lots of air into the mixture, which accentuated the coffee's flavor similar to how a wine aerator brings out the bouquet of a tight French red.

I decided that it would only be proper to combine my newly bulletproofed cup of coffee with a bulletproofed breakfast as well, so I whipped up a plate of pastured eggs fried in Kerrygold butter and some organic kale sauteed in coconut oil and daubed with a few chunks of grass-fed Kerrygold cheddar cheese.

It was a breakfast fit for a bulletproof executive, or at least an upgraded one.

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  1. If you like cinnamon, sprinkle some in before you blend - it makes it even more fabulous!

  2. omg that looks delicious. and now I am hungry.

  3. Does it leave a greasy taste or anything? This sounds really interesting, I'm just curious about "mouth feel".

  4. @Mel, I was thinking the same thing, but blending it seems to really emulsify the butter so that you get more "creamy" and no real "greasy" feeling when you drink it. I'm actually working on taking this recipe and modifying it further, so stay tuned!

  5. I drink the Upgraded Coffee daily, but I can't get behind the amount of butter and MCT oil in Dave's recipe. One tablespoon of CO or MCT does the drink for me. The large amount of butter is sure to raise LDL in some for the worse, as well as add unnecessary amounts of fat. Dave really needs to be more forward about his use of thyroid hormone and testosterone supplementation when he discusses his 4000 calorie diet and sticks of butter in his coffee...

  6. What a cool write-up! Thank you!

    For the record, I put up to 4 Tbs (1/3 of a Kerry Gold) and 1-2 Tbs MCT in ~450 ml of coffee, not quite a whole stick. :) I do that when I have it for breakfast; less if it's just for flavor.

    Yes, you may raise your LDL. The cafestrol will raise it 15%. But LDL is useful if it's not oxidized. Your LDL is used to make hormones, and it escorts toxins out of the body. Higher LDL makes it easier to build muscle. As long as your LpPLA2 (measure of oxidized LDL) is low, you're helping yourself be more resilient. (and yes, I measure, and my LPPla2 is at the very low end of the range).

    I take anti-aging replacement doses of thyroid (10mcg T3 time release) and 1/4 tsp of 10% bioidentical testosterone compounded cream. Blood levels are monitored by my anti-aging physician, and the target is the middle of the reference range. I use them because I broke my metabolism when I was much younger and weighed 300lbs (as opposed to my ~210 now).

  7. Glad you like the review Dave! I also appreciate you coming "forward" and clearing up the questions about LDL, and your own use of thyroid and testosterone supplements :)

  8. Sounds yummy, I want to give this a try, where do you get your coffee? Great article, smile

  9. If you visit Dave's "Upgraded Self" site, you can order some of the same "Upgraded Coffee" that he uses. It's priced according to its top quality, but the 5-lb bag is much more economical. I'm about to order my first bag. I'm a coffee snob, so I can't wait to try it out!

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