Caveman Cuisine: Bacon and Basil Stuffed Avocado

Holy guacamole Batman! Avocados are the new olive oil!  Well, at least that's what is being suggested by a new study out of the Mexican National Council on Science and Technology.

In this particularly tasty study (tracked down by my friend Dr. Andro of Suppversity) researchers looked at the impact of avocado oil on yeast cells' ability to resist mitochondrial oxidation. Apparently, avocado oil "allowed the yeast cells to survive exposure to high concentrations of iron, which produces a huge amount of free radicals, 'even to higher levels to those found in some human diseases.'"

This is significant because mitochondrial oxidation eventually leads to the destruction of the mitochondria itself, and, a cell without functioning mitochondria is a dead cell.  While the human body has cells in the trillions (10 trillion to be exact) it's a good idea to keep those cells, and their mitochondria, alive and healthy.  The free radicals produced by oxidation might even be what "ages" us in the first place!  Can you say, "Guacamole fountain of youth"?

However, avocado oil is still considered a specialty food and isn't widely available (although I have purchased it at my local Whole Foods.)  The good news is, avocados themselves are plentiful and widely (and cheaply!) available in most areas year round (thank you globalization!)

I'm fond of putting avocado on just about anything, but to celebrate this scientific breakthrough, I wanted to feature the avocado itself front and center.

I give to you, the Baconcado.


1/2 ripe Hass avocado
1 strip crispy bacon, crumbled (I used an uncured Neiman Ranch chipotle bacon)
2-3 leaves of fresh basil, chiffonaded (aka, rolled up and sliced thin)


Put bacon and basil on avocado.  Eat.  Yea, I know, it's like directions on a pop-tart.  So this section isn't completely useless, I will say that I wished I had mashed the avocado in its skin a little bit before topping it with the bacon and basil.  This would have allowed for me to eat it more easily and with a more even distribution of toppings in each bite.


Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) (2012, April 22). Avocado oil: The ‘olive oil of the Americas’?.
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  1. It's nice to see this balanced approach to food. I roll my eyes people demonize nuts and avocados for the PUFA and now even the MUFA content... These are whole foods folks and they are more than the sum of their parts.