Caveman Cuisine: Blackberry Walnut Chicken Salad Wrap

Particularly in my home state of Florida, summer arrives early. After a few cold spells (by cold, we mean "sweater weather"), there is an ephemeral spring, and then "the beast" comes to town. The humidity wraps you in a big sweaty hug, and even the briefest outdoor exertion leaves you sopping wet and looking for the sweet relief of AC.

In this environment, the prospect of a hot midday meal is as appealing as a kick to the head, so I start looking for simpler, lighter fare suitable for my torpid state. In the old days, this might have meant a tuna sandwich on whole grain bread or a turkey and hummus pita. Is this the worst thing in the world? No, not by a long shot, but given my current predilection for foods of the Paleolithic persuasion, it's no longer on the menu.  Making this switch, however, is simpler than it might seem, and in this case, it was a real no brainer.

Rather than folding my luncheon fare into a slice or pocket of bread, I wrapped it in several leaves of lettuce (greenleaf to be exact) and found that the structural integrity of the vegetation made for a a superb substitute.  I also combined some flavors that might be considered contradictory, sweet blackberries and apple slices and savory rotisserie chicken, and married them with cool organic sour cream, and crunchy raw walnuts.  The result was perfect for a hot summer day.


6 whole pieces of green leaf lettuce (about the size of your hand)
About 1 chicken breast worth of meat torn into chunks
1 tbsp organic European-style sour cream (thinner consistency than regular sour cream)
Small handful of walnuts (about 10-15)
Small handful blackberries (about 10)
1/2 Fugi or gala apple sliced very thin


On a cutting board or a plate, arrange the lettuce into two stacks of three leaves each.  Stagger the leaves a little bit to give yourself a little bit more area for the other ingredients.  Add apple slices first, then chicken.  Drizzle the sour cream over the chicken before evenly distributing the walnuts and blackberries over the top.  Think of the lettuce like you would a taco shell and expect a few ingredients to fall out here and there.  Enjoy!
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