Bacon Egg and Cheese "Drunken" Mac Muffins

Sometimes recipes just come together in a magical way. The flavors, textures, and total sensory experience is just...perfect.

When this happens, you forget all of the flops, the failures, the missteps and mistakes and just savor the moment.

In this case, the impetus was a craving. I wanted something good. Something damn good, and I figured if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself.

I opened a can of Dale's Pale Ale, a snappy, hop-laden brew from Oskar Blues, and after a few sips, I meandered over to the kitchen to survey my supplies.

The fridge was nearly bare save for some nice thick-cut bacon, Kerrygold butter, eggs, and a block of Monterrey Jack cheese.  There was an obvious course of action (throw it all in a frying pan) and then there was the subtle path.  The two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.  

In the cupboard I found a nearly empty bag of Bob's Redmill coconut flour and another bag of potato starch.  A little further back, there was a shaker of sea salt and a rosemary and garlic herb blend.

A few sips later and a plan started to form.  I was going to make muffins.  Not your ordinary muffins, but the mac daddy of all muffins, in short, a Mac Muffin.

I pulled out a muffin tin (obviously) and set to work...

Mac Muffin Ingredients:

4 eggs (whipped up real good)
3/4 stick of melted butter (plus a little extra to grease the muffin tin, unless you're using these)
1/4 cup beer (gluten-free if you're so inclined)
Pinch sea salt
4oz Monterrey Jack cheese (finely shredded)
Pinch ground rosemary
Pinch powdered garlic
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/3 cup coconut flour
4 tbsp potato starch


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Combine all of the wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately, then gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet. Mix with a wire whisk until smooth.  The batter should be pretty thick and not too pretty at this point, but that's OK.  Check out the picture below for a reference.

There should be enough batter to make 6 muffins, so fill them up just shy of the top.

Put the muffins in the oven, and while they are baking (~15-20min), get started on the filling.

Filling Ingredients:

Crispy bacon
Fried eggs


Lay out several strips of bacon in a cold frying pan (I recommend 1 per muffin plus extra for snacking). Turn the heat up to medium and fry, turning occasionally, until fully cooked. Set the bacon on a paper towel to cool.

Crack eggs (1 per muffin) into the hot bacon fat.  Cover the pan with a lid and "slosh" (this is a very technical cooking term) the hot bacon fat around so that it coats the eggs in bacon fat and cooks them evenly.

Once the whites are set, and the yolk is looking cloudy (see picture below), turn off the heat and move the pan to a cool burner.

At this point, the muffins should be just about done (you want to see a nice rich golden brown color).

Let the muffins cool for a minute or two (a great time to snack on extra bacon) before carefully removing them from the pan. Slice them with a sharp serrated knife (they will almost be the texture of a quiche at this point) and lay them out assembly-line style.

Break a strip of bacon in two and lay it out on the bottom of each muffin. Add a fried egg on top of the bacon and top with the other muffin half.

Grab a handful of paper towels, another pale ale, and make yourself a nice comfortable spot to sit.

Take a bite, take a sip, surrender to the bliss.  Repeat until satisfied, completely stuffed, or more likely, both.
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  1. Oh. My. God.

    You are my new hero. Those luck beyond yummy!

    Gramulous (

  2. NOM NOM! this looks soooooo good! next time i need to impress for breaky, im whippin this up!