The Caveman Kettlebell Challenge (CKC)

In "The 4-Hour Body", notorious "hacker" Tim Ferris suggested that if you only do one exercise, it should be the kettlebell swing.  Given that this single movement simultaneously engages the "core" musculature of the hips, spine, and shoulder girdle as well as the periphery (arms and legs) in a dynamic and functional way (controlling the acceleration and deceleration of an object while on your feet and balanced in the field of gravity) it's possible that he may be right.

Like any complex movement, proper swing technique can take months or even years to develop, and it can be helpful to work with an experienced coach or trainer during this process.  Incorrect execution of the kettlebell swing may place too much strain on the lower back and may exacerbate existing injuries.  A great resource for those who are interested in learning the ins and outs of kettlebells is Pavel Tsatsouline's where you can buy books, videos, equipment, and even find certification courses and workshops.

However, I'm going to assume that you already have familiarity with kettlebell swings (as well as a baseline level of fitness) and am thus issuing you a challenge.

The Caveman Kettlebell Challenge (CKC) Official Rules:

Perform as many kettlebell swings as you can in 7:30 using a weight ~25% of your bodyweight.

Swings are to be between "head height" (maximum) and "shoulder/chest" height (minimum) and only properly executed repetitions count.

You can rest as much as you want, but rest time doesn't stop the clock.

Scoring starts at rep 50 and continues in 50 rep increments to 250+.

Scores are as follows:

50 reps = "Gluten Free"

100 reps = "Green Smoothie"

150 reps = "Bacon Strip"

200 reps = "Rare Beef"

250+ reps = "Alpha Auroch"

To enter, video tape your submission and link to it in the comments section of this post or post it as a video reply to the Official CKC YouTube video (below).

Selected submissions will be featured on the FED Facebook page.

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  1. we have a lot misunderstandings about the paleo - some of our members are asking whether it is unhealthy - would appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

    1. Any specific questions? A lot of people are still convinced that "low-fat whole grains" are the staple of a healthy diet and that meat gives you heart disease, but this is patently false. This study actually backs up this notion by showing that saturated fat consumption is NOT associated with cardiovascular disease, stroke, etc. ...

  2. off topic... been talking about you over on my blog. thanks for posting this great article!