That's an AMRAP!

Street Cred

I've got mad protein bar street cred.

How does one accrue such cred you ask?  By spending half your teenage years obsessing about one day gracing the cover of Flex magazine that's how.

Ah yes.  I can see it now.  Pectoral muscles for days and a bikini clad fitness model perched on my right bicep.

Anyway, back to my street cred.

Basically, I've eaten every protein bar ever produced.  Ever.

Now, Detour! Now, Builder!  Now, Muscle-Tech and Twinlab!

On, Clif Bar! On, Balance!  On, Labrada and Titan!

Best Tasting

In the world of protein bar marketing, the phrase "best tasting" is bandied about with a wanton recklessness that borders on criminal.

The truth is, "Best Tasting" means "Least Bad Tasting".  And, if you come across a protein bar that doesn't claim to be the "best tasting" you really need to worry because that translates into "Likely to Result in TMJ."

Cookie bits and peanuts my ass!  

Home-Made Goodliness

Let me just say that the AMRAP Refuel bar is NOT you average protein bar.

When you bite into it, you won't think, "Wow!  This is the least bad tasting protein bar I've ever had!"

Rather, you will exclaim, "Damn! That's some home-made goodliness!"

Image enlarged to show texture.

AMRAP Nutrition

Somehow the folks at AMRAP Nutrition have done the impossible.  Perhaps it was the focus on actually putting food into their bar.  Perhaps it was an unprecedented attention to detail.  Perhaps they actually care about the health and well-being of their customers (ie. have a conscience).

In any case, their Refuel bar, which I sampled a few weeks ago, actually tastes like something you might make in your own kitchen.

There is a nice almond butter base, some texture from the coconut, just the right amount of sweetness from the honey, and enough protein from egg whites to give your muscles the amino acids it needs without choking you to death while you try to swallow (I'm looking at you Met-Rx!)

But Wait, A Protein Bar Can't Be Paleo!

With a conspicuous lack of grains, beans, dairy, or industrial seed oils, it is clear that the AMRAP bar is positioned to appeal to the growing number of people following the Paleo lifestyle.

It is inevitable that some purists will exclaim, "Cavemen didn't eat protein bars!"

Yeah, and they didn't talk about how Paleo or unPaleo they were on the internet either.

I suppose you could make a historically accurate Paleo protein bar, but it would probably include dried antelope turds and I'd venture a guess that it would taste like crap.

Fishin', Hikin', Bikin'...

For those times when you're out and about, and you want something that isn't full of crap (and doesn't taste like crap), that you can just throw in your pocket or your pack, you really can't beat the AMRAP Refuel bar.

You can find them on Facebook at 

Or go straight to their website

She's a keeper!

I'm King Tut, and I approve this message.

That's an AMRAP!
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