Group On! The Benefits of Working Out With Others

What if I told you that there is one simple trick to working out harder, more frequently and with better results? What if this trick even made exercise something to look forward to rather than dread? Would you believe me if I said that this trick could also save you money? Actually, this “trick” isn’t really a trick at all. It’s a tried and true strategy for fitness success that works it’s magic without requiring any extra effort on your part.

Group exercise is your secret workout weapon

For as long as people have been on this planet, we have been working out together. These “workouts” certainly had a purpose such as building shelters, hunting game, or going to war, but they were workouts all the same. Today, we no longer have to workout to survive, but we do have to stay fit if we want to thrive. Going it alone may work for some, but when it comes to intensity, accountability, and affordability, group exercise is hard to beat.


Simply put, intensity is a measure of how hard you are working out. Intensity is also the most important factor when it comes to getting results. Group workouts encourage you to work more intensely because, like it or not, we are naturally competitive. Tell someone to run from point A to point B and they might do it, but put that same person in a race and they will give it all they got.


Making a habit out of sitting on the couch and watching your favorite TV show is easy. Making a habit of working out isn’t. Group exercise helps to keep you accountable by adding a social element to your workout. While you might not think twice on bailing out on yourself, you’re far more likely to show up to the gym when you know a friend is waiting for you.


Working out with a Personal Trainer is a great option if you need intensity and accountability, but the cost can be prohibitive.. A private session with a trainer typically costs anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour while a typical group exercise session ranges from $5 to $25 depending on the size of the group. Many fitness centers also offer group exercise as part of their standard membership price.
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  1. Doing a workout program is indeed more effective than doing it alone. Like going to a local gym than just working out at home. This is because you are more eager to do better in a group, given our competitive attitude and its a natural thing which is very good for our workout progress.