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I briefly mentioned Paleo Magazine Radio (PMR) in my last post (FEDpocalypse 2012: A Year In Review) but I wanted to give you, my loyal readers, the inside scoop.

First off, I can't say how much I appreciate the fact that you're taking time out of your day to visit my site.  This blog started out pretty terrible and gradually, very very gradually, became something I would call half decent.  I intend on one day making it fully decent (black text on a white background, consistent fonts throughout, easier navigation, WordPress, etc.) but this blog was always a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

I started this site as a way to give myself a creative outlet during a difficult time. I was determined to stick it out with a job that was secure, had benefits, but game me little opportunity for personal and professional growth. Feeling stifled and restricted, I turned to blogging as a way to freely say what was on my mind, and to learn, explore and grow.

Eventually, I discovered the ancestral approach to health, and my blogging reflected this change.  Much to my surprise, the site started to take off!  My experiments with Paleo/Primal cooking resulted in a respectable collection of recipes (Paleo and Primal Recipe Corner) and the books I read on anthropology, psychology, and evolutionary theory were synthesized and organized in my mind as some of the more off-the-wall posts you may have read here.  (I'm pretty sure no one else in the Paleosphere has talked about avocados the way I talked about avocados.)

Blogging on ancestral health led to joining Facebook groups devoted to the subject and that led to real-world connections and relationships with people such as Keith and Michelle Norris (PaleoFX Founders), Perfect Health Diet author Paul Jaminet, Abel James (The Fat Burning Man), Dr. David Pendergrass, "Relentless" Roger Dickerman, the Paleo RD Amy Kubal, and many many more.  One of those "and many more" was Cain Credicott, editor/founder/owner/operator/caveman in chief of Paleo Magazine.

Several months prior, I had on a whim interviewed Mark Sisson (an act inspired by Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Work Week where he recommends boldly calling people you admire and wish to talk to) and I offered the interview to Cain as something to be featured in Paleo Magazine.  It ended up on the Paleo Magazine website instead of in the print publication (check it out here), but this was the key that opened the door.  Since then, I have become a regular contributor to Paleo Magazine, have had the opportunity to cover events like PaleoFX and AHS, and needless to say, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

In the summer of 2012, Cain asked me if I would be interested in working on a new project with him.  He wanted to produce a podcast, and despite my complete lack of experience, I enthusiastically accepted the offer.  Over the subsequent months, we worked out an idea for a show that would share the "everyday" perspectives of people who were living the ancestral health lifestyle.  We certainly wanted to have expert authors, scientists, researchers, and bloggers on the show, but thought that representing the regular Joe's and Jane's (or would that be Grok's and Grokette's?) would be tremendously powerful and inspirational.

Attending to the nitty-gritty details (How would we record it?  What will the logo look like?  Where will we get the intro music?) kept my mind off of that fact that I would inevitably have to record an episode. When this time did come, I was, in technical terms, scared shitless.  This wasn't so much a rational or logical fear, but the cloying, suffocating fear of speaking in front of a crowded room.  While recording our first opening monologue, I actually was worried that I was going to pass out.  Miraculously, I managed to keep my act together and somehow finished without incident.

If you go back and listen to PMR Episode 1, you can probably tell that I'm a little nervous, but I am told that  it wasn't nearly the disaster it seemed like in my mind.  I got some good feedback from Cain and, after a second, a third, and a fourth recording, I started to relax.  Scheduling and organizing an episode can be a bit nerve wracking, and there are always technical issues and time constraints to contend with, but on the whole, it is getting easier and easier to relax and have fun with the project.  It's a really great opportunity to talk with some amazing people and I am extraordinarily fortunate to have fallen into this position.

PMR has enjoyed a respectable position on the iTunes health podcast charts since it first released (as high as high as #21 in the iTunes Health podcasts category) and we now have nearly 1,000 subscribers to our podcast feed, so it seems like we'll be able to keep putting more episodes out there, doing more interviews, and reaching out to more and more of you for your own personal stories.

I'm going to continue writing posts for FED, but for now, Paleo Magazine Radio is where much of my energy is going.  I want to make the show something that brings people from all corners into the ancestral health world.  I want it to be inclusive, realistic, and approachable and I hope you will join me and grow with me as we go on this journey together.

If you want to listen to Paleo Magazine Radio, you can download the show for free on iTunes or on the Paleo Magazine website

If you'd like to come on the show, fill out the application on the Paleo Magazine Facebook page

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