Mission: Backflip, Status: Achieved!

It's been a long, and sometimes scary road, but I finally checked "do a backflip" off of my bucket list!  The mind is a big limiter to doing things that seem impossible, but by training the body in a steady, progressive, and consistent way, the body learns what it can do and the mind starts to trust and let go of fear.

Quite a few people told me I was crazy for trying to learn something like this, since apparently I am "30 years old" (emphasis on "old") and it is "dangerous". This is why I took the time to find a qualified gymnastics program in my area that teaches adult classes and has the right equipment.

The only time I really got into trouble was when I tried to rush the process by skipping the intermediate steps between flipping into a foam pit and flipping only on the floor.  It was quite a disaster and I nearly fell on my head a few times.  I went back to square one, and progressed by changing one variable at a time.

So, instead of the process going like: backflip into foam pit --> backflip on floor, itt went something like this instead:

Flip into foam pit.

Flip into foam pit with a mat in it.

Flip into foam pit off of a mat onto a mat.

Flip into foam pit off of a mat onto multiple mats (decreasing the height of my jump)

Flip off a mat onto a mat on the floor.

Flip off of a smaller mat onto a smaller mat on the floor.

Flip from a mat onto the floor.

Flip from a smaller mat onto the floor.

Flip from the floor onto a mat.

Flip from the floor onto the floor.

It's worth mentioning that there was lots of "doubling back".  If I started to feel like I was getting scared or just losing the feeling of proper form, I went back to a previous step and worked it until I felt confident in moving forward again.  I kept doing this over and over and will keep doing this as I now refine the skill and make it even better.

The reason I'm sharing this is because I want to encourage you to go after your dreams, whatever they may be, whether it is doing a backflip, writing a book, creating powerful relationships, or getting into killer shape. You CAN do it, it WON'T be easy, and it WILL be worth it!

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