Broiled Beef Back Ribs

Is there anything more primal than gnawing the meat off of a bone? Beef back ribs are cheap, packed with flavor, and totally underrated. I'll take these bad boys any day over pork ribs, but for some reason they don't get the same kind of love as pork. Hopefully, this recipe will help change that.

Rather than cooking "low and slow", I think beef back ribs are best prepared "hot and fast." This gives the fat a luscious crunch while keeping the meat nice and rare. Be sure to have some floss on hand though, if you're eating these right you'll need it!


3 lbs beef back ribs, separated
2 tbsp olive oil
Sea salt, coarsely ground
Black pepper


Set your oven to broil. Arrange the ribs on a large baking sheet and drizzle the ribs with olive oil. Generously season on all sides with sea salt and black pepper.

Put the ribs in the oven and cook for ~8 minutes. Remove the ribs and flip them over using a fork. Broil the ribs for an additional 8 minutes and then remove and flip again. Broil the ribs for ~5 more minutes before removing from the oven. Allow them to rest ~3 minutes before serving.

Yield: 2 to 3 servings (about three ribs per person)

Recommended side dish: Oven Baked Brussels and Bacon

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  1. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, DELICIOUS, PERFECT recipe!!!!!!! I have NEVER cooked these ribs any way but on a coal BB-Que. I live in Phoenix, and it was one of those rare nights it was storming. What to do with these beautiful ribs? Found your recipe. Came out SO MUCH better than I thought, I may never BB-Que them again! Mine weren't as meaty as yours, so I started with 4 minutes, added 1 minute and turned them over for another 5. I can't tell you how wonderful these were, and I am one very picky person about my beef! LOL :) THANK YOU! ~Marilu