10 Kick Ass Paleo Christmas Gifts

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As the popularity of Paleo soars, parents, siblings, and friends are going to increasingly face a dilemma. "What do I buy someone who wants to live like a caveman/cavewoman?"

Fortunately, paleoistas and paleoistos aren't too hard to please, you just need to know what gear, books, and goods appeal to a Primal Palate.

To this end, I've compiled a Christmas list that would make Grok squeal with delight X-mas morning.

1. The Rumble Roller


Modern living means lots of sitting, driving, typing and other activities that tie the body up in knots. Unless you can afford a live-in masseuse, foam rolling is one of the most effective ways to break up all that tension, and the Rumble Roller, with all of it's glorious and terrible knobs is one of the most effective rollers around.

2. Becoming a Supple Leopard

Do you have what it takes to become as supple as a leopard? Don't fret if you have no idea what that means, Dr. Kelly Starrett (aka KStar aka MWOD guru) has created the ultimate compendium of "basic maintenance" for the human body. Jacked up shoulders, hips, and low backs beware, your days are numbered.

3. Vibram Five Fingers


If you peek into the closet of a Paleofile, you'll likely find a Carrie Bradshaw-esque collection of Vibram Five Fingers, those brightly colored toe shoes that are the trademark footwear of a Primal/Paleo dude or dudette. New pairs are always appreciated, especially since all the old ones are likely full of holes and smell like a dead fish.

4. Meat and a Cookbook

Nom Nom Paleo TX Organics Package

Since a blintz und a bong are probably off the menus of most Paleos (unless perhaps it's cheat day) the next best thing is slab of meat along with some instructions on how to properly prepare it. Travis Martinez, the "Commander in Beef" over at TX Organics has ingeniously packaged his fully grass-fed and grass finished beef with the hottest Paleo cookbook on the block for your shopping convenience.

5. Charcoal Smoker

Alright, so now we are getting into some high level shit. With a charcoal smoker, all things meaty and good become possible, making this a gift that keeps on giving. If you want to kick things up to "11" throw a preorder of my upcoming book "Paleo Grilling" in the stocking .

6. Thermoworks Chef Alarm

If you (or the person you are shopping for) values perfectly roasted, smoked, or grilled meats, then a Thermoworks Chef Alarm is the perfect gift. With a temperature probe, a heat-resistant cord, and an easy to use digital interface that is also, wait for it, magnetic (letting you stick it to the outside of your grill or oven) guesswork, and overcooked meat becomes a thing of the past.

7. A Kettlebell

Primal Bells by Onnit

As far as home workout equipment is concerned, you can't beat a kettlebell. They are compact, portable, and undeniably effective. The standard kettlebell swing is my own personal go to exercise when I don't have the time to do anything else. If your good caveman/cavewoman already has a kettlebell, consider an upgrade to Onnit's Primal Bells cause nothing says "beast mode" like an angry gorilla.

8. DSLR Camera

From: The Naked Food Photographer - Food Photography, Stripped Down

If your Paleo person is really into food, photography, and especially food photography, a the gift of a DSLR camera will definitely rock his or her world. A must have for any fledgling blogger, a DSLR camera body will provide years of photographic glee as new camera lenses and other gadgets can be used to trick it out ad infinitum. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is super user friendly, has a reasonable price point, and takes beautiful pictures, making it the perfect intro to DSLR photography.

9. Fit Bit

Do you know how restful your sleep is? How many steps you take? No? Well quantify that ass! One of the easiest ways to do this is to strap on a fitbit as this nifty little gadget will track all of these things and more. It's water resistant and wirelessly syncs to your computer, allowing convenient tracking, monitoring, and motivating.

10. Subscription to Paleo Magazine

Who wouldn't want a 12 month subscription to the ONLY print magazine dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle? Unlike many other magazines, you won't find a bunch of filler here, as each issue is packed with content from the biggest names in the Paleo world. Recipes, exercises, nutrition, travel, you name it, Paleo Magazine's got it.

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